steal smartphone data

Discover the app that consumed a lot and steal smartphone data

Smartphone data at risk with the apps we download online, here’s what they found in the Play Store.

There are apps that have become indispensable on our smartphone, others a bit less, and still others that seem instead were created and installed only to make us consume the battery quickly. Here is a rundown of apps that is better to delete right away.

App that consume too much, here are what they are

If you are wondering if you also have apps on your smartphone that drain the battery, then here is the answer to your question with a list of apps that consume a lot really. Google Play has indeed recently removed as many as 22 Android apps that consumed so much, in fact this anomalous behavior was a wake-up call that led to discover that the app in question consumed so much because they used a backdoor to connect with the hackers who stole the information of the smartphone.

steal smartphone data

In short, the device was always active, connected (and therefore also any mobile data) and consequently it was easily downloaded. Among the most downloaded malicious apps was Sparkle Flashlight, a flashlight app that was downloaded more than 1 million times. The malicious apps also contained the Andr / Clickr-ad malware, an adware virus, which is responsible for the continuous display of ads on apps.

The peculiarity of the system, however, used by hackers is that such ads were invisible, since they had a width and zero pixels, in practice they were present on the app, but we did not see them, so we could click on them unknowingly. We always pay close attention to what we download from the web, and unfortunately the Play Store is no exception. Maybe, before starting with the download we consult the feedback and we also take a look at the developers with an online search on them.