Microsoft Word Flow

Microsoft Word Flow has come to iOS and is one of the best keyboards on the Apple platform

Users of Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile can boast of many things and although applications for the platform are not just a source of pride (quantity especially) if it is true that there are some notable like this that concerns us and not which is another Microsoft keyboard.

Microsoft Word Flow as it is called is a fabulous keyboard that stands out for its learning functions while the user often used (the more you write best suited to the terminology you use) and their detection and correction mistakes.

Microsoft Word Flow
Image Source: Google Image

A very good keyboard can now enjoy users of an iPhone, because very recently is available for download at the Apple App Store and also free, becoming input one of the best keyboards available for platform.

Not in vain we have a great work by Microsoft, that have developed a product designed especially keyboard to handle the iPhone (especially the iPhone 6S Plus) with one hand, for which offers an angled arrangement that allows they use traditional or writing sliding your finger on the (keys flow) in the purest style Swipe or SwiftKey.

Along with this new, exclusive for iOS, another concerning customization, and now you can select an image from the gallery to use as background keyboard, giving it a much more personal aspect. Two features that Windows Phone users expect to see someday wanting.

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In addition, Microsoft has greatly improved the operation to slide, so that if we press the keys a space is entered and the display shows the word formed, at which time the application makes use of what has been learned appear in order to select the correct one.

For now Microsoft Word Flow is available for download, although so far only in the US, so we hope that sooner rather than later reach the App Store from other countries, because there wanting to try everything offered. It is also expected that users of Android device can have its own version of Word Flow, would come before year end.

Having said all this, we can only ask Microsoft when we will have for Windows 10 Mobile the same keyboard with all these possibilities and to work as fluidly as you can see in the videos … especially when it comes to their own OS.