Solitaire architectonic of Microsoft comes to iOS and Android

Perhaps only the most gamers of the place have played solitaire. One of the most popular titles that have existed in Windows and more hours (including work) has stolen users. And it is a simple game that came with the accompanying operating system as another classic Minesweeper.

Nothing graphics or special effects infarction dream. Only a deck of cards on the screen that made the playing pass the long hours on the computer. And what happened to the solo in an era where social networks dominate everything?

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As it follows fit, or at least it seems seeing that Microsoft plans to have a title that already has 25 years of life. A game with more than 100 million users, there is nothing and now comes to competing platforms, that is, iOS and Android.

Thus holders of a terminal with Android (smartphone or tablet), an iPhone or iPad can play have Microsoft Solitaire Collection from the catalog of games from your device. Microsoft Solitaire Collection also have an advantage in the case of users of an iPhone or iPad, they will have a month of free Premium Edition subscription until the end of the year.

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Microsoft Solitaire Collection includes five card games different like Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, Pyramid Tripeaks. A game that also cares for players who already have a profile on Xbox, because we can log in with our Gametarg order to rack up achievements in our scheme of player and to continue our progress on other devices.

How we see, Solitaire has a very similar appearance to which we have all known. Without fanfare and without great innovations in design but with the same premise to make us have a good time. Remember that Microsoft Solitaire Collection is available in both Google Play and iOS for free.