Xbox One

The Xbox One prepares for universal applications, Cortana and more this summer

The Xbox One has also been featured in the inaugural conference of Microsoft in Build 2016. Although announced that Cortana reach the console last year, it will be this summer when the voice assistant Microsoft finally landed this console to offer all options -always, we suppose, that we have Kinect. But that improvement will be only part of what Microsoft will offer us in this ambitious update called “Anniversary”. In fact, the Xbox One will become a whole PC, because we can turn it into console development program and test universal applications on it, and…

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Android is safer than iOS

Android is safer than iOS

Android does not stand out mainly for being considered one of the safest in the world operating systems. In fact, it is one of the reasons why this system is criticized both when compared with iOS. However, the fact is that, in fact, could be talking about an operating system that is safer than Cupertino. Eric Schmidt gives headline to this article. Who has been CEO of Google for their golden years, and now holds the position of Executive Director, she said a week ago…

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Leave a review

Half of consumers leave a mark after a bad customer service

Nothing builds more loyalty than good treatment. That anyone knows any company that it has surprised with an unexpected detail, exceptional kindness or whose assistance has gone beyond the minimum necessary. You know anyone except the marks, of course. Because investing millions in advertising, product sales, but it seems that attention to customer only get the crumbs. Visit for more . That alone explains that certain practices (such as keeping waiting customer, make call thousand numbers of different or, directly, phones do not answer him through certain channels) continue…

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Twitter, the social network micrologging celebrates 10 years

10 years ago, on March 21, it all started with a single Tweet. Since then, every day and every moment, people talk about things that matter most to you, worldwide! A decade later, Twitter, the popular social network micrologging reached this milestone has become one of the most powerful and popular Internet social networks.

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Facebokk Ads

6 out of 10 companies will increase their ad spending on Facebook

Social networks are essential for businesses, and not just to distribute content organically, provide another means of communication to the customer or to present their latest developments, also to use them as an advertising channel more. And indeed, it is an upward channel, where many companies plan to increase investment this year. For more tech news visit It is one of the conclusions found in a new study published by RBC Capital Markets and Ad Age, where it is also revealed that 57% of companies…

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Protect your computer

Protect your computer completely free of charge

Users will not fail to discover how we can get more from Internet and at the same time, whenever we feel more comfortable in cyberspace. This really is excellent news because it reveals the one hand, the network of networks is contributing to equal opportunities more effectively than any other resource we have known, and secondly, that gradually is beginning to be part our everyday environment. Click for more tech news

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Mobile brand strategy

Personalization rules that can save mobile brand strategy

In the market where brands move today, consumers not only have a name and an identity and not just the brands are able to know more and more about them, but also consumers increasingly expect to be able to treat them in a highly personal way. Email marketing that comes addressed to  already considered an error of bulk and generic messages or those who fail as consumer interests (for example, sending again and again advertise something the consumer has already purchased in the online shop in…

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Control your TV

Control your TV from your Android phone or tablet with these interesting applications

You’re sitting at home on the couch, blanket, popcorn, ready to watch your favorite series and suddenly you realize you do not have the remote control hand or this does not work for some reason. Alarms are on, but at the same time check as you have your Android hand. Also visit for more tech news. At this point in the absence of your remote control, the most practical and a solution that can get you from many troubles it is to use an application that allows you to transform your…

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GNOME 3.20

GNOME 3.20 will arrive within two weeks, these are the developments in their applications

It is expected that the final version of GNOME 3.20 is released within two weeks, and so few days of its release many of the applications that are implemented in the final stage of development of their latest versions. This means you have already stopped interface improvements, and will now begin to polish their stability.

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Messaging apps

Why media and brands are increasingly active in messaging apps?

Both brands and media are more interested in the world in which they move today to reach consumers and achieve connect with them. In a world further wherein there are more and more elements and which get their attention and get them to pay attention to what is being said is increasingly difficult, both as the other are always there and always trying to discover new tools allowing messages actually reach throwing receivers with those who want to connect.

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