AI applications

5 convenient AI applications that you can use today

The AI is changing the world and, for most of us, the effects are perceived only subtly, behind the scenes, while the algorithms work on data used in industries related to our work, our health or entertainment. Of course, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are very familiar names, but for anyone who wants a little more artificial intelligence in their lives, we’ve created a list of AI applications that take advantage of the power of AI for fun and productivity.

Otter Voice Notes

AI applications

Journalists, students and businessmen will appreciate Otter Voice Notes. I could see this transcription tool at last year’s Berlin Disrupt and I could use it during meetings and interviews. Otter calls his AI “Ambient Voice Intelligence”. This one is able to learn from your regular conversations and will let you quickly discover what you are looking for using simple key phrases. Otter is more than just an accurate transcription application.

Ada – Your Health Guide

AI applications

Do you feel subdued? Do you feel an annoying or so suspicious pain that causes you anxiety? The days when you were searching for symptoms on Google are over because now you can ask Ada. This bot was created by a large pool of doctors and scientists and is able to know a wide range of symptoms to offer diagnoses, even of rare diseases.

Even if you can’t replace a medical professional, Ada can be helpful in deciding whether to go to the doctor or not and can help you articulate your symptoms. The AI will learn to know you better and will offer you useful personalized health advice.

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Deep Art Effects

AI applications

There are some AI apps dedicated to editing particularly scary images, but since technology is at hand, then why not have fun with it too? Deep Art Effects uses the power of neural networks to transform your photos into works of art. The application offers more than 40 filters in the style of famous artists and can be installed for free. There is also a premium version that removes advertisements and allows you to export high-resolution images.


AI applications

This application is a chatbot powered by the AI created for those people who want to talk, but not necessarily with a real person. It is basically a messaging application, if it weren’t for talking to a virtual entity. Its algorithms are designed so that it can respond as if it were a real person.

The purpose? Help people to let off steam on intimate topics, but are unable to do it with a real person.

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AI applications

Gladiabots is a strategy game that uses AI. Robot teams face each other in the arena, but instead of controlling them directly, the bots follow the Artificial Intelligence that you will program in advance. Don’t let the word “programming” scare you, you don’t need to follow a coding course to play. In fact, the intuitive way in which the game introduces newcomers to AI programming through simple flow diagrams is one of the strengths of its design. However, there is no machine learning here, but it is only about setting the various parameters and conditions in which the robots work.