How to Bring More Inbound Traffic to Your Website

Have you enjoyed previous success within the digital world of e-commerce? If so, you are to be congratulated. It is still an unfortunate fact that prior metrics will not always ensure a predictable future. Many websites which were initially popular have slowly faded off of the digital map. While sales, product development and marketing certainly play important roles, the actual design of the site in question will often dramatically affect how it is perceived by the average visitor. So, let’s assume for a moment that it is now time for an upgrade. What are some expert tips and tricks to adopt in order to provide your virtual business the online exposure that it deserves?

Cater to the Human as Opposed to the Customer

Have you ever come across a website that would have been attractive if not for the sales-laden material that was embedded within each page? The simple fact of the matter is that no one wants to feel as if they are nothing more than a potential prospect. This is why it is wise to keep the salesy language to a minimum.

Furthermore, avoid extraneous elements that will only serve to detract from what it is that you have to offer. Common examples include banner ads, pop-up pages and pop-under notifications. In the same respect, NEVER provide blind links and/or connections to unrelated third-party websites. These methods will absolutely destroy the credibility of your brand identity.

Another lesser-known suggestion involves providing visitors with relevant and useful information. If they remain engaged for longer periods of time, the chances are high that they will be more likely to take further actions such as registering or requesting to speak with a representative. As we can see when viewing gaming-related websites such as, a massive amount of helpful information is attractive and as a result, visitors will begin to feel as if their needs are being catered to.

Changing Your E-Commerce Platform

However, some websites might still be required to take more dramatic actions such as re-evaluating the efficacy of their current e-commerce provider. Here are some preliminary questions to ask before moving on:

  • Has your inbound traffic dropped significantly for no apparent reason?
  • Are some pages taking much too long to load?
  • Have customers expressed concerns with your point-of-sale interface?
  • Does the website display incorrectly when viewed with a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone?
  • Are you less than satisfied with your current customer support solutions?

While upgrading to a new e-commerce platform is logistically challenging, the fact of the matter is that it could be necessary in order to fully streamline your website. So, be sure to take a look at some of the best names in the business as well as what each has to offer.

These are all excellent ways to increase the user appeal and functionality of your website, so feel free to return back to this article for future reference.