Microsoft Selfie is updated to Android devices for when Windows Phone

When we talk about companies like Apple, Google or Microsoft, what concerns us, often and mistakenly we think that it is corporations that focus only on their own products and nothing is further from reality, at least not in a world overall like this.

And is that to maximize benefits when they tend to throw its tentacles into other platforms. Thus we see Google applications for iOS, iOS for … well, in this case is more difficult although iTunes for Windows can be an example or as in the case of Microsoft, with applications for iOS or Android.

Microsoft Selfie
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In this regard, have available for the other two platforms such as your office suite, the application of cloud storage One Drive or this at hand, Microsoft selfie. An app that shortly after launch was one of the best applications for iOS and later made the leap to Android.

An application that is not available in the App Store Windows, where the closest thing we can find is Lumia selfie. An app, which as its name suggests seeks to exploit a function like, is to do selfies or auto photos with either the front or main camera of our devices.

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Microsoft selfie has been updated in Google Play Store with improved user interface, as well as improvements regarding performance and bug fixes as expected.

  • It has worked to improve the user interface
  • Improved application performance
  • Different errors have been corrected

Recall that Microsoft selfie can recognize the skin tone, distinguish gender and work with variables such as lighting, sharpness … so that the user can make improvements in an accessible way to correct and improve these parameters. Now it has an accessible interface for any user and is very functional with 14 adjustable filters. In addition, once doctored a photo, we can save the image as profile picture.

Microsoft selfie can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store and while we expect from Redmond dare to launch that application for Windows Phone or otherwise to implement these improvements.

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