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The Xbox One prepares for universal applications, Cortana and more this summer

The Xbox One has also been featured in the inaugural conference of Microsoft in Build 2016. Although announced that Cortana reach the console last year, it will be this summer when the voice assistant Microsoft finally landed this console to offer all options -always, we suppose, that we have Kinect.

But that improvement will be only part of what Microsoft will offer us in this ambitious update called “Anniversary”. In fact, the Xbox One will become a whole PC, because we can turn it into console development program and test universal applications on it, and it will come at last unified store in which access to applications, games and content for all Microsoft ecosystems. Convergence finally spread this device completely.

Xbox One
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Your Xbox One will become a PC to use (or almost)

Those responsible for Microsoft explained how this summer come both Cortana and universal applications that we already use both PCs and notebooks, convertibles, smartphones or Xbox One. As long as, yes, developers take advantage of the tools offered by Microsoft for those tools, games and content to suit each platform.

Another striking features will be the arrival of the background music to the console‘ We can listen to any song while using the console or play, something that many expected for some time-but the most striking is the new ambition of the console and PC developmental.

In fact each console can become, if its owner wishes, on a console development, something that our fellow Joystick have explained in detail. Any user can access this mode and start creating all kinds of experiences, applications and games console … or any other device based on Windows 10 ecosystem.

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There will also be a significant change in the Windows Store and the Xbox. There will be two separate stores but a single store that will offer content based on Windows 10, no more devices. This was the natural passage of a Microsoft that has long been working on his ambitious proposal convergence.

In fact even they showed a tool to convert applications and games both new and old applications and “universal” games that can run on any platform. It remains to be seen if the result is really effective, but certainly such solutions could prove crucial for the future of this philosophy of the Redmond Company.

Who knows: like the only computer you’ll need could be your Xbox One, after all.