Facebook for blinds

The artificial intelligence of Facebook allows “read” the pictures to the blind

The social network created by Mark Zuckerberg has become a powerful way to share photos and other multimedia content: its users upload about 350 million photos every day, something that has enriched this part of its business but has left behind a user segment: the blind.

Facebook for blinds
Image Source: Google Image

To resolve Facebook will use an artificial intelligence system that through image recognition is able to put captions to your images and captions read those users and, especially, those who are blind. This tool will be a help more for these people who use a screen reader to be read to the text that is in every window, and allow them also to take into account these images as part of their experience.

In recognition of objects, quality better than quantity

Although every time you upload a photo to Facebook, you can create a caption or description for these images, most users avoid this step to avoid wasting time.Those who do well really can not include descriptive texts, and precisely this is where technology Facebook wants to raise aid for the blind.

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This solution will improve access to social network Facebook and according to Matt King, one of the specialists in this area in the social network, “will allow the blind join talks which had left them out“.

The tool is able to recognize some 100 concepts with an accuracy of 80 to 90%, and the idea is to increase the catalog of objects, entities and gradually scenarios but always favoring the accuracy of the recognized amount. The feature began to be evaluated as a prototype in November but will be today when entering part of Facebook client for iOS. It will do later for Android and the web, and the language in which debut will be English but others will be added later.