WhatsApp is now completely safe, arrives encryption end to end

We few weeks in which the issue of privacy is being especially recurrent following the controversial Apple and the FBI, and WhatsApp has decided it is the best time to give a bombshell by announcing that from now on will use one encryption end to end for all our messages, as reported in WIRED.

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With this movement, from now on all our messages, photos, videos and voice notes they will be encrypted to be sent, and only decrypted when they reach the receiver device. This means that from WhatsApp servers cannot access the content of our messages, closing the door to attackers and authorities.

WhatsApp began implementing this type of encryption at the end of 2014, taking it slowly all his officers customers, from Android to iPhone via Windows Phone, Nokia or Blackberry. And from today, all users can benefit from Signal Protocol enabled by default, or n open source protocol developed by the popular company Open Whisper Systems.

“Starting today, users will see a notification on their conversations warning them that their individual and group chats implement an encrypted point – to – point”, say in the blog Open Whisper. “In addition, the encryption status of any chat is visible from the same screen preferences “.

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Encryption end to end?

If you’ve never heard of encryption end-to-end or end to end, you know that when you use a messaging application without it, usually your message out Encrypting your mobile, is decrypted on servers in the application and back out encrypted to the receiver. Passing this means that the owners of the app could read your messages on your server or allows the authorities to read. Even if someone hacks into the server you could have access to it.

Encryption end to end so the solution is slowly becoming prevalent addresses that problem. Our messages are encrypted from sender to receiver, and there is no intermediate point where decrypted endangering our privacy. Come on, what you can write it stays between us, or at least it is easier that way.