5 Must-Have Apps for College Students

Productivity is essential, especially with the busy schedule of a college student. There are countless smartphone apps that can help you along. If you’re one of the nearly three-quarters of all college students with a smartphone (according to a 2013 Pearson report), then you can manage your schedule, study routine, and note-taking. There are literally hundreds of college apps to choose from. Here are five that you absolutely should have to make college life easier.

1. Google Drive

Free and cloud-based, this app allows you to share up to 15 gigabytes of information. It can be documents, images, or music. The program can be used to create presentations and edit them with someone else who’s connected to the system. Plus, you have tools similar to Microsoft Office that let you work on text documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. The app easily stores and saves files; it’s also available on Android and Apple devices so users with different platforms can collaborate.

2. Evernote

It’s one of the plethoras of note-taking apps for smartphones, but Evernote is versatile. You can take notes, make to-do lists, and record your voice to remind yourself of something. The app can even be used to take pictures of notes, which you can search for later. Platform-based and Web versions are available.

3. RescueTime

If time productivity is a concern, this is an app for you. It tracks the time you lose to digital distractions such as social media, email, and browsing websites. This Android app comes in a desktop version as well. The basic app is free, but a premium version lets students block their access to distracting websites. They can also set for how long.

4. RefMe

This app lets you quickly create a bibliography page. It has the rules of Chicago style, MLA and others built in. You can also scan the barcode of a book with your phone, to get a URL containing citations in various styles. The app’s Web platform lets you retrieve these citations from the cloud.

5. Your School’s App

Leading colleges are creating their own apps so students have access to important information. Depending on the app your school launches, you can manage a personal account or track bus lines that serve the campus. Such apps let you manage a schedule, track grades and view emergency alerts. Even if you are pursuing USC’s online library science degree, you can keep abreast of the latest announcements and information using a dedicated app.

With these must-have apps, your time at Pitzer College can be more productive. Apps are everywhere these days. They’re invaluable for college students with a full schedule and limited time and can help you be more productive and prepared.