Samsung Focus

Samsung wants you to be more productive with Samsung Focus

Samsung is the biggest crisis that has been faced by problems with batteries Galaxy Note 7, but that does not stop them throwing other news, in this case, an app focused on productivity, which by the way it was meant to come standard with the Galaxy Note 7. Finally, Samsung Focus, as have dubbed this new tool, has taken a little longer than expected, but is now available for download.

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Qeexo multitouch magic is welcome in our mobile devices and Windows 10

I think we several years well accustomed to the benefits of touch screens was make the jump from resistive to capacitive systems, and any change as the black and white to color. There are many companies that work in continuing to evolve the multitouch capabilities of the panels, many of them could say that they do at the system level, such as Apple or Microsoft. Other less known as Qeexo want to go far beyond the “pinching” movements screen, or touch turns typical two fingers,…

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Android applications

Seven Android applications to adapt elderly

The technology reaches everywhere and all segments of age, and more and more. The problem is that once developers rarely take into account the elderly when designing their applications. Fortunately, Android has some tricks up its sleeve to improve the accessibility of the system. While maybe your grandfather is handled in WhatsApp better than me (and, if applicable, offered health) other many older people have trouble handled by the system, which is too “complicated” have text too small that trouble reading or volume is not…

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Snapseed for Android: White balance, perspective and filter face are some of its new products

Update after update Snapseed continues to prove he is still king among photo editors for our Android devices. Not to improve with each new version launching, adding new tools and features. A few weeks ago we allowed [add beautiful text to your photos] (Snapseed for Android now lets you add beautiful text on your photos now in its upgrade to version 2.9 introduces two new tools, a new filter and a new option to save images at the highest quality.

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Facebook and WhatsApp

What do you do with the data Facebook and WhatsApp?

Facebook, with each passing moment, is creating more and more controversy, and the decision to make WhatsApp can share our phone number with the social network is only the latest of all the decisions that have been taking since he bought the application instant messaging. If our privacy is something that is fading as the T-1000 in the lava pool (especially with the movements of Google), now Facebook has hit a hammer blow across the head to the rest of our privacy. It is clear…

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Huawei will install the app TrueCaller on its high-end, the Honor 8 will be the first

When we get a new mobile Android, there are a number of apps pre-installed we cannot remove the terminal. The Google service package is common to all; apps like Gmail, Chrome, Google Maps or YouTube cannot be removed from the device and if you do not want to have to use disable, but will remain on the mobile. But there are brands that go beyond and also include other external apps to the platform such as the recently announced agreement between TrueCaller and Huawei .

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Arrow Launcher

Arrow Launcher is updated more customization options and other improvements

Microsoft Arrow Launcher is one of the pitchers unconventional most interesting. Its design focuses more on productivity, with a collection of themed windows instead of the “all-in-one” to which we are accustomed. One for widgets, one for applications, one for work, another for documents… This separation is one of its main attractions, but when it innovates is inevitable that more than one will miss a more similar to other pitchers behavior. Microsoft has listened to its users about it, and the latest update allows you…

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Google voice commands

Soon you can control playback of YouTube with Google voice commands

Google Now is one of those features that, while not use too much, are there to make our lives easier. One of the curiosities of voice commands is that Google is winning features noiselessly, without our knowledge, to the ninja. This time it has happened again the same, we find a series of commands to control playback of YouTube in the near future. To achieve this, the first thing you have to do is play a video in the YouTube app and, thereafter, can control…

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Microsoft buys Beam

Microsoft buys Beam and gives a step forward in the transmission of streaming games

An increasing number of users who like to upload their games while playing on their consoles is greater. The improvement in the speed of the network and the influence of social networks have made this phenomenon that so far had a reference as was Twitch. However from Redmond to perish wanted to go a step further and be themselves owners of a service that would allow this function without relying on a third party, something that ultimately have managed to buy Beam, the popular service…

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4 Important Computer Security Tips for College Students

No matter if you are in college, or out of college, computer security should be a top priority. These days, hackers are seemingly getting into personal computer systems with ease akin to opening a door that is already ajar. When you are a college student, computer security is especially important, because you will be using the computer on a regular basis and you don’t want a breach to interfere with your ability to get work done. If you are taking an online course, like USC’s…

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