5 Tips on how to pull off a successful prank

The pranking season is coming, and even if not, everyone is preparing their wits and tricks every year to prank their friends or loved ones. April fools’ Day is the holiday that everyone can freely have fun and take their life less seriously. In that case, did you already prepare your pranks? Are you always busted when you are about to prank your friends or loved ones? You do not have to suffer anymore! With these five tips pulling full off a successful prank, you will be the group’s next great prankster. Have fun and laugh with your friends! Even if you are a first-time prankster or a pro in the league of pranking, you will enjoy and improve your pranking skills.

1. Target on Sight

Most people enjoy pranks, but some people do not see its fun. You must still be careful with your actions, especially in choosing your prank target and its intensity. In selecting your next victim, you should have a good rapport with the person you are planning to prank. It is safer to go for simple pranks at first to read their response and safety. Having this in mind will lessen the possibility of serious trouble when pranking your friends. In this way you will constantly hone your skills on setting up a surprising prank without compromising their safety. The more unexpected the prank is, the better. It is to get them by surprise, and everyone has different responses to antics. Pranks can build bonds with people, laughing at the same thing and enjoying the moment of surprise. Still, it can also destroy friendship when done unpleasantly.

2. Elevate Your Pranks

Pranks can be either new or dated, but the fun of doing it never gets old. Anyone could create their elaborate pranks, one of the FUN of doing it. But do not worry, there are thousands of pranks that you could replicate by searching it online or even asking your friends to help you set up one. One simple prank that you could do that guarantees success is prank calling. Easily access it through a spoof call app, and you are ready to prank! You just need to prepare another persona and your acting chops for your prank. You will have fun hearing your friends and loved ones being confused about what is happening, not knowing that they are being pranked by YOU. There are other safe and fun pranks out there for you to discover. Elevate your pranking skills by planning and researching your tricks.

3. It’s About Time!

One key for a successful prank has excellent timing. It makes everything more fun and effective when caught off guard and clueless about something that will happen. It will leave a mark in their memory because they have never expected it to happen, and they will surely laugh it off when they discover that they have been pranked. Timing your pranks makes it more exciting, and when the timing is off, it will be a failure. It might take a lot of practice to get it right. However, the prize of your hard work will be worth it. Soon enough, your pranks will be the talk of your friend group and loved ones. Great timing is one of the keys to pulling off a successful prank.

4. Bring the action!

It is time for you to prank your friends and family! This should be the most exciting part because all your hard work in planning and considering different pranks’ situations will come to fruition. This is the time where you should be calm and collected, do not let them see you sweat, and they might know your plan. You are on a mission, and it is to get them pranked! Having a clear objective in your plan will determine your trick’s success. Go get them!

5. Laugh Out Loud!

To just have FUN! Enjoy the moment with your friends and families. Pranking each other makes life exciting, and it is one way of showing that you see them and care for them. It is all about being together with your family and friends and having a fun time. It does not matter in the end if you succeeded in your prank or not. The important thing is you shared a moment with them, and now they know your tricks. But if you still want to improve your pranking skills, you must keep working hard on your pranks to keep them on their feet.

And that is our 5 Tips on how to pull off a successful prank to try for yourself or to advise other people.

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