6 Tips on Choosing the Right Baby Carrier

Most mothers in Australia are working these days, as more than half of all mothers have part-time and full-time jobs. They need to take care of their babies, perform their official duties, and do all the domestic chores.

Then, how can they manage everything? It is possible with the help of baby carriers. Most new mothers rely on baby carriers in Australia.

Being a parent for the first time is exciting as well as a little challenging. You may need to get your household chores and office work done while keeping the baby close to you. It isn’t easy, but it is true that you don’t have any choice. Nevertheless, you don’t have the option to choose between doing one or the other.

In 2018, PwC stated in a report that 48% of new mothers were compelled to overlook their career development after giving birth to their children. So, if you don’t want to be counted as one of them and are all set to start work and take care of your baby, you need to buy a suitable baby carrier.

Being a new mom, you may find it challenging to make a smart choice. So, this article can help you. Check out the following tips on choosing a suitable baby carrier:

  1. Comfort

Comfort level of you and your baby matters. The carrier seat should let your baby’s legs be in the “M” position, which is considered hip-healthy for any child. Meanwhile, you should think about how much back and shoulder support would be sufficient for you. If you need to wear your baby for long hours at a time, padded shoulder straps and lumbar support will be required.

  1. Durability

For toddlers, you should choose a carrier that is able to accommodate more weight and have front-facing positions. Besides, if you want it only for your child’s infant stage, you may consider one that provides the best comfort for your little one.

  1. Fitting

Some carriers can easily fit onto the caregiver’s body, irrespective of their body specifications, while others may need to be sized as per an individual’s requirements.

  1. Ease

As you may sometimes need to carry your baby for long hours, you need a carrier with ring slings and soft-structured carriers, as you will be able to quickly put on such a carrier. Also, you should read the directions for using the carrier before buying it, and it should allow you to tuck the wraps and slings into the diaper bag.

  1. Climate Resistance

If you live in warm weather, you need a carrier having lightweight fabrics and breathable mesh. On the other hand, heavy knits and padding are suitable for places with colder temperatures.

  1. Maintenance

Even moms can’t stop their babies from being messy; sometimes they will spit up, and sometimes, they will drool. This is the reason why you need a carrier that is machine washable. You can easily check this while buying a baby carrier as every product has a label describing the washing instructions.  

Nowadays, you can easily get various types of baby carriers in Australia. So, while buying one, do not forget to consider that the requirements of a newborn are different from an older baby. Also, you can opt for two carriers if you have a newborn: one for now and another one for the toddler phase. Besides that, you should consider your child’s age, situations in which you may need to use the carrier, your area’s climate, and how long you want to use this product.