Do you have the qualities of the leader?

A few days ago, I was surfing on Facebook and found the following message in a professional group of leaders …

“I would love to win the respect and respect of my employees, but I don’t know how to do it! I often receive rude answers, perhaps because I am too compliant towards them and I do not make myself worthy enough. It’s not so easy to have a pulse! “

So, what should be the answer to that? I talk about it in today’s article, dedicated to the topic of Leadership, to be understood as an effective communication technique in the professional field.

Leadership, according to the most recent definitions, is a relationship between those who occupy prestigious positions within the company – managers, directors, entrepreneurs – and the rest of the work team.

One of the main qualities of leadership is to assertively propose ideas and activities to group members, influencing their behavior towards the goal to be achieved.

Leadership is a gift that is as precious as it is rare, since it is developed correctly by a few individuals. In fact, to lead a team in successful companies, one must be very credible, competent, motivated and have strong reference values.

The leader’s charisma finds its answer in the use of a non-aggressive authority, in persuasion, in the ability to be respected day after day and above all in the corporate vision that it transmits.

To build a relationship of trust with one’s collaborators it is necessary to communicate effectively, explaining oneself in the best way and implementing active listening techniques. Employees increasingly need a guide to help them find their way around the organizational system of OKRs.

In a historical moment like the one we are going through, the men at the head of the hierarchies cannot rest on their laurels enjoying the acquired positions, but they must be able to foresee the future and face all the problems of the case.

What are the real virtues of a “Success Leader”?

I list some fundamentals …

  • Commitment
  • Determination
  • Constance
  • Objectivity of judgment
  • Expertise
  • Responsibility
  • Flexibility
  • Charisma
  • Courage
  • Passion
  • Positivity
  • Assertiveness and Empathy
  • Authority
  • Conduct

How many of those just mentioned really belong to you?

None? A? Two? Well, maybe you should review something strategically!


It is not easy to develop good leadership skills, I am aware of this, but by undertaking the right path of personal and professional growth, you will be able to achieve more than satisfactory results in the long term.

I leave you with some questions …

  • What environmental opportunities do I work in can increase my leadership ability?
  • What are the behaviors I put in place every day to improve my leadership talent?
  • What are the skills that make me an excellent company guide?
  • What are the ethical values that support the way I work?
  • Can I share my mission and my vision with the rest of the team?

How did today’s post look to you? Have I given you interesting and useful insights? I hope so, and I await your comment in the space below.