mobile thermometer

7 best applications to use your mobile thermometer

Smartphones can detect the temperature, but their own and for security reasons of the hardware components. However, they do not have a mobile thermometer composed of obvious issues: if they did, their own temperature would cause false values, and ours when wearing it in the pants. Even so, an Android device can be used as a mobile thermometer thanks to the Internet connection. There are apps that tell us what the temperature is at any time and in any place.

If all we want mobile thermometer apps for the device to give us the temperature information like a thermometer would, there are specific apps for it. We have made a first selection with this type of apps, the best ones in the Google Play Store, but in a second section, you have somewhat more complete apps.

Thermometer ++

Thermometer is extremely simple. You just have to choose a location on the map, and it will tell you what the temperature is in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit, as well as humidity and pressure. All in an interface with no decorum and no forecast of any kind. But, indeed, it works as simply as a conventional thermometer would.


This second option works in a curious way. It gives us the outside temperature using Internet data, and the humidity. Moreover, based on the internal thermometer of the device, in addition to giving us the precise temperature of the mobile battery, calculate the indoor temperature. Obviously, for this reason, it is not an exact and precise data but an estimate based on the values of the terminal itself.

Professional thermometer

Again, this app does not use Internet information but the smartphone’s own sensors. With this, calculate the ambient temperature of the exact place where we are. It is an estimate, and the results may be more inaccurate with intensive use of the device or when, for example, it is plugged into the power and charging its internal battery.

Meteorological applications, more complete

The best thing you can do, of course, is to download weather applications. This second selection not only tells us the current temperature as a thermometer would do, but also gives us the weather forecast and complete weather information. For today and for the next days.


It is one of the best meteorological applications that exist because it not only gives us the temperature in real time, but much more detailed information. It even has maps – of all kinds – and graphs. Thus, although we can see the explanation of the weather forecasts, we can also understand each atmospheric change.

Yahoo Weather

The Yahoo is not just another app with an excellent source of weather information, but also stands out for its design section. It goes beyond AccuWeather with dynamic images of cities around the world, and it does so thanks to Flickr. It also gives us the temperature, and many other meteorological data, and provides interactive maps and graphs to better understand the information and forecasts.

Google Assistant

The Google virtual assistant has this service. At any time, we can tell our mobile ‘OK, Google, what is the temperature?  And he will respond, as if it were a thermometer, with the degrees. But it also tells us what the weather situation is, the forecast for the day and the detail of evolution for each hour. And of course, we can ask for the forecast for the next few days.