Windows and Linux

If you want to play, Windows offers more performance than Linux

Those who support the virtues of free software must also assume its shortcomings: there are areas where the advantages of other platforms are obvious, and one of them is the video game. Although Steam catalog native games for Linux continues to grow, its quality and performance offered against versions for Windows is clearly lower.

Evidenced by the latest in – depth analysis they have done in Phoronix, where for years its suite of multiplatform test compares the performance of these operating systems efficiently. The findings are striking and make it clear that if you want to play can do both Linux and Windows, but the performance differences give clear winner as SW of Microsoft.

Windows and Linux
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Linux performance, disappointing

Michael Larabel, responsible for this website, published years its Phoronix Test Suite, a set of tests that then we can among other things, share our results in .

Both proposals have served to compare all types of operating systems and hardware components in one and another platform, and have been useful to know the status of video games on all tools. The conclusions of Larabel are as hard we said:

It’s really sad that so many Linux games behave so poor when compared with the Windows versions of the same games form, no matter what graphics card or driver is used.

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Although there were some notable exceptions (Dota 2 is almost identical, and Xonotic 0.8 there is even a victory Linux) in many of these tests the differences are especially notable and we talk about Linux versions with especially poor yields compared to their counterparts in Windows. Although the current situation is not good, it is possible that things will improve significantly in the future.

The reason: Vulkan, the API for 3D graphics in which AMD tries to offer everything necessary for this development relevantly compete with other APIs such as Direct3D 12 or AMD Mantle own. Larabel hoped that “with due time in the next generation of games that make use of Vulkan can see better performance in relation to Windows”.