Shazam Lite joins the lightweight applications, occupies less than one mega

Applications increasingly occupy space but storing our mobile does not grow at the same pace (at least not without paying an extra good, now that the SD cards are not fashion), so more than one adorableness is having trouble achieve convince you install its heavy application. The solution? Light applications “Lite” like Facebook Lite, Messenger Lite or the last to arrive Shazam Lite.

The premise is the same as always, a version basic and light once everything has been removed surface, ready to work with the most unstable connections on the planet. Like other versions Lite, is for now limited to regions of India, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Nigeria and Venezuela. In other countries even install the APK will not let you continue.

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It also works offline

While the “normal” Shazam includes a kind of social network, and lyrics and videos songs, Shazam Lite only has a button to acknowledge the song, without any addition. Yes it includes an additional useful function in places where connectivity is poor or nonexistent: you can also record songs without connecting .

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The system is a bit tricky, but it’s pretty clever. It is unthinkable that Shazam will download the database for offline recognition like Google Translate, so instead what it does is save recordings of songs until you have an Internet connection. You can record songs you like offline, but you will not know what they are until you do not connect.

Shazam Lite is available in Google Play but limited to six countries launch. Although download and install the APK, Shazam it checks your location and prevents you continue with the Lite version in other territories. It is possible that, as happened with Facebook Lite, later spreading to other countries. An alternative that works very well and takes up virtually nothing is Sound Search for Google Play, but does not work on all phones.