6 Best apps to listen to podcasts from your smartphone

Traveling or in the evening to relax and inform us, here is a list of the best applications for iPhone and Android to listen to our favorite podcasts directly from our smartphone. After a somewhat limpid start, podcasts have managed to break even in the Italian market. There are several radio stations or individual authors who publish audio tracks on the Internet during which they talk about the most disparate subjects, from music to sport through news and cinema. Particularly appreciated by commuters, who can inquire without having to read newspapers or periodicals, and who, after dinner, wants to relax on the sofa at home listening to an analysis or simply a story of his favorite author.

Finding the podcast that is right for us, however, is not easy. There are in fact many sites from which to download or reproduce these radio broadcasts and know all those suitable for our tastes is virtually impossible. Without forgetting the waste of time that would involve every time to stay on the web to look for the podcast that we like best. For this reason the advice is to download on our smartphone a podcast application that collects many of the programs on the Internet and divides them for us in genres and sub-genres.

Thanks to the success of recent years, on the various online stores there are several podcast applications for both Android and iPhone. Simply browse through the Google Play Store or App Store to find the podcast app to listen to our favorite author without wasting too much time searching online. Here is a list of the best podcast apps for iPhone and Android.

Apple Podcast (iPhone)


Owners of an iPhone will not have to go too far to find a podcast app to use as they please. On their iPhonefonini Podcast will be pre-installed, a native app to listen to radio broadcasts on mobile phones. At the moment it is the most downloaded app on the iPhone to listen to radio programs on demand. According to the latest calculations of Cupertino almost 80% of iOS users choose this program, and in fact it is the most used podcast app in the world. The reason? Simple: Apple Podcast offers the synchronization with all the devices of the bitten apple, so as to always have with us the broadcasts downloaded regardless of whether you use the iPhone, the iPad or the Apple Watch. The app also gives us the opportunity to create our stations to collect podcasts found with Siri that we intend to listen in the future or to save those who are our absolute favorites.

Breaker (iPhone)


Breaker is one of the best alternative apps to listen to podcasts on iPhone. To differentiate itself from Apple Podcast, Breaker focuses on the social factor, giving the possibility to connect our Facebook or Instagram profile and comment on the various programs with our friends or contacts. If you are an author who creates podcasts you can create your own profile in such a way that other users will follow you and leave you feedback on each episode uploaded.

Castro (iPhone)


One of Castro’s most convenient features, another alternative app to Apple Podcast, is the possibility of creating an automatic playback queue. This means that in case you listen to daily podcasts the app will put them in the playback queue and will notify us when a new episode of our favorite program will be loaded. Furthermore, with the Castro app, you can import MP3 files via iCloud Drive. Castro is a free application to download but to use it you will need a monthly subscription of three euros per month or nine euros per year.

Spreaker (Android)


Spreaker, at least in Italy, is one of the apps to listen to original content on demand among users. In addition to doing thematic research, we can indicate our favorite shows in order to be notified in case the author uploads a new episode. In addition, there is a notification system that alerts us to every upload that may interest us. We will be able to comment on each podcast or share it with friends as well as download it for offline playback. Spreaker is free and can be downloaded by everyone through the Google Play Store.

Podcast Addict (Android)


Compared to Spreaker, Podcast Addict has a more minimal interface and does not present the function for intelligent searches for themes or favorites. Despite this, it remains one of the best podcast apps for Android. The number of radio broadcasts present is virtually unlimited, then there is the possibility to mark the favorite programs to find out if a new episode comes out, we can upload our contents and share them with our friends and even download podcasts for listening without Internet connection. Podcast Addict is free with advertising inside, but if you want you can remove it by purchasing the paid version at 2.71 dollars.

TuneIn Radio (iPhone and Android)


Among the most downloaded podcast applications on the Google Play Store, TuneIn Radio allows you to listen to radio programs by independent authors, even if it does not allow you to download your favorite programs offline. This means that everything must be listened to in streaming. Is there a solution to this problem? Yes, buy the Pro version for only 0.70 cents, including catalogs, smart searches, and downloading or uploading a podcast on the platform.

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