How to change Snapchat username

How to change Snapchat username without deleting the account

At the moment it is not possible to change the username on Snapchat without deleting the account. What is possible and we are going to see in today’s article how to modify the name of your profile on Snapchat without deleting the account.

Before starting, you should know that the username and the profile name on Snapchat are not the same. And that the username and profile you choose will be the one with which other users will look for you, that is why it must be clear and easily recognizable.

How to change Snapchat usernameHow to change Snapchat username

While it is not possible to change your Snapchat username, you can change your profile name as many times as you like. It’s a good way for your friends to find you more easily.

That is why we always recommend that when you create your account on this platform, you choose the username carefully since you cannot change it again.

If you do not know your username, you can view it by going to your profile . To do this, enter the ghost app and click on your profile image in the upper left corner. Your account username is the one written below your profile picture, to the left of your score.

If you don’t like your username, the only option you have for now is to delete your Snapchat profile and create a new one. It is important that you know that once you have permanently deleted your account, the username will no longer be available.

What is the difference between my profile name and my username?

Your username on Snapchat is the one you chose when you created your account on this social network. From their official site, they inform us that it is not possible to modify this username for security reasons.

It is part of their commitment to maintaining your privacy and security. So it is also not possible to transfer information from your profile, memories or streaks from one Snapchat account to another.

However, there is a difference between the profile name and the user name. With both, your friends can find and follow you. The profile name would be more like your first name, while the username would be your nickname. You can change your first name as many times as you want.

In order to change the profile name, start by entering the ghost app from your mobile device. Once inside, click on the settings. It is the gear that you have at the top right of the screen.

Now in the new screen, position yourself on ” Name “. It’s the first option on the menu. There you can add the profile name you want. You can use your first and last name or a nickname that most of your friends recognize. Remember that what we are trying to do is facilitate the search for the rest of the users of this network.

If instead, you prefer not to have a profile name, click on the option you have below the box under ” Delete name”. With this, you will ensure that the other users of this network can find you only by your username.

Finally, to finish and save the changes you have made, click on the ” Save ” button at the bottom of the screen. Exit the options menu by pressing the back icon in the upper left corner.

Snapchatters will still see the profile name you originally had when they added you. However, new friends you add from now on will see you with your new profile name.

As you can see, although it is not possible to modify the Snapchat username, you can change the profile name on Snapchat in a few steps.

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